Monthly Archives: July 2012

Tribunal Tales – Inferring Discrimination

An employee who worked at the bar in a restaurant was dismissed by reason of redundancy. The dismissal took effect shortly after the employee’s manager found out that the employee was pregnant. The employee brought a claim for discrimination (she did not have the required year’s service to claim unfair […]

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HR Issues – Yahoo Appoints Pregnant New CEO

The recent decision of Yahoo to appoint a pregnant woman as CEO has created much in the way of heated discussion both in the US and further afield. The law in the UK is quite clear on the fact that women cannot be discriminated against in selection for a role […]

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Navigator News – I’m a Survivor

In redundancy situations, there is one group of people who are easily forgotten – the ones who are left. These, you might think, are the lucky ones. In many ways they are, because they have proved their ability and worth by being retained. However, for many employees, selection processes and […]

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