Monthly Archives: July 2015

Client Testimonial – Green Highland Renewables Ltd

We are a growing organisation in a fast moving environment and on occasion have needed to move swiftly requiring support or advice from Navigator. On every occasion we have received prompt support and with clear advice. Along with being kept fully up to date with legislation this is all we […]

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Tribunal Tale – Important TUPE Decision June 2015

It is not unusual, particularly in relation to a service provision change, for all or part of the services to be provided by one or more sub-contractors. This can lead to the question of whether, when the client changes the principal contractor or brings the services in-house, the transferring population […]

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Legal Issues – The Queen’s Speech

Following on from our previous report on the likely consequences of a Conservative government with an effective majority, the government has now set out its plans for the next 5 years in the Queen’s speech. As expected, industrial relations was on the agenda with the proposed Trade Unions Bill which […]

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