26th July 2016

Client Testimonial – Emporium Vapour

“As a company that saw rapid growth in sales and staffing, we found it hard to keep up with legislation and HR issues. We were recommended Navigator and they offered to audit our HR systems and contracts. That completed, we continued to employ them for ongoing HR support.

We were able to speak to them about any HR issue immediately which gave us a great peace of mind. Having the same lawyer to speak to each time also reduced time taken to deal with more complex issues as we did not have to repeat the history to another person. I would also say that speaking to an actual lawyer who was fully up-to-date with current employment law was immensely re-assuring.

When our company had to take the decision to follow through disciplinary procedure to the dismissal of an employee with over two years of service, Navigator offered a high level of support throughout the process which continued to tribunal.  We had full financial cover with Navigator which allowed us to concentrate on the case rather than costs.

Navigator was there every step of the way and indeed the case was abandoned on the second day by the applicant due to the very clever work of the Navigator lawyer. Whilst we had always been very confident of the outcome, it was a relief that we did not have to go through the full three days set for the tribunal and this was solely down to the groundwork and knowledge base of Navigator.

We are now into our second year with Navigator and did not hesitate to sign up for this second year. The peace of mind and the fact that we can get current and relevant information immediately is important to us.

I would absolutely recommend Navigator to any company and would not be without their fantastic level of service.”

Jacquie Russell, Director, Emporium Vapour Ltd

26th July 2016