Monthly Archives: September 2016

Legal Issues – Harassment

Glasgow charity must face the cost of not practising what it preaches. A former charity worker has been awarded £90,000 in damages after being sexually harassed by her employer. The employer, an anti-abuse charity based in Glasgow, was established to safeguard those in ethnic communities from abuse. However, the Employment […]

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Ask the Expert – PIPs

I have an employee whose performance has started to slip, and to address the situation I would like to put in place a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) – Can you tell me what it should contain? The main purpose of a PIP is to outline the company’s expectations of the employee. […]

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HR Issues – Flybe Flex

Flybe, like other lower-cost airlines, offers a range of fares on its web-site in an attempt to appeal to the travel aspirations and pockets of its many customers.  One of its current offers is its flex ticket.  However, as with other airlines and indeed other businesses, the choices Flybe wishes […]

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Health & Safety – Changes to Chemical Labelling and Packaging

Globally Harmonised System and CLP Regulations Have you made the appropriate changes to how you assess and make sure your employees are aware of the changes to the phrasing, pictograms and safety data sheets in chemical labelling and packaging? The UN Globally Harmonised System aims to make all classification etc. […]

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