Monthly Archives: November 2016

Ask the Expert – Being accompanied at a disciplinary hearing

Question: “We have invited an employee to a disciplinary hearing. The employee has informed us that they wish to be accompanied at the hearing by a colleague. However, the colleague in question is also involved in the disciplinary matter and we feel that them acting as a companion would prejudice […]

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Health & Safety – £1.8 million fine after Legionella failure

G4S Cash Solutions has been fined £1.8 million after failing to reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease from its water systems. G4S are the largest secure solutions company in the world, and G4S Cash Solutions (UK) provide secure cash management solutions for businesses around the UK. They were recently handed […]

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HR Issues – So many pay rates, so little time!

Last week, there were two announcements made on low pay, firstly by the Living Wage Foundation and secondly, by the Scottish Government.  Both mentioned a rise of 20p in the Living Wage, bringing it to its new level of £8.45 per hour.  But isn’t the National Living Wage meant to […]

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Legal Issues – Employment status

Uber drivers are not self-employed In the eagerly anticipated case between Uber and its drivers, the Employment Tribunal (ET) has concluded that the drivers are workers as opposed to self-employed contractors. As such, they will be entitled to rights such as the national minimum wage, paid holiday and statutory sick […]

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