Monthly Archives: May 2017

Navigator News

Frances We learnt late last week that Frances, our dear colleague and friend, passed away on Wednesday last. Fran had been battling a brain tumour over the last few months and had been on a course of chemotherapy. At the time and to date, we felt that it was not […]

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HR Issues – Bereavement at work

Last week, we lost a team member and friend to cancer.  It was a sudden and painful loss for all who knew her and perhaps understandably, it has made writing an HR post about any other topic this week to be impossible. Unfortunately, dealing with the serious illness or the […]

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Legal Issues – Holiday pay rears its head again

Since the issue of holiday pay came to the fore what seems many moons ago, there have been a number of decisions that have left us with the relatively solid premise that holiday pay should include an element of any regularly worked overtime and commission. However, there are some issues […]

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Ask the Expert – Appointing to a role without advertising

Question: “We have created a new post in our structure and the CEO knows someone that she would like to appoint into the role. Is there an obligation on us to advertise the role, either internally or at all? We would like to save time and money by skipping the […]

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