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header-object When Circle was coming to the end of its contract with its existing providers of Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety Support Services, it was very important that we shopped around to find a service that was much more tailored to the needs of our organisation. Navigator stood out as being focused on delivering a service that would meet those expectations, and I can certainly say that after this first year of working with them, they have not disappointed. They were very quick to build up a relationship with us that helped to provide a consistency of service, dealing with some challenging issues. The revision of all of our HR and H&S documentation, although taking longer than expected, will give us much more robust processes and procedures and we are confident that Navigator will be very efficient in ensuring that we keep our documentation up-to-date and current going forward. We had no hesitation in renewing our contract with them for another year, and would highly recommend them to other organisations in the Third Sector.

Annie Williamson Business Manager Circle

– Circle