Monthly Archives: October 2017

Ask the Expert – Anonymous witness statements

Question: “An employee who has been with us for several years has been accused of bullying members of their team. The allegations are serious and could result in dismissal. In line with our policy we have commenced an investigation by interviewing the relevant colleagues. However, we have already been told […]

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Tribunal Tale – Reasonable adjustments

The law on disability discrimination is complex, particularly in the field of reasonable adjustments. The case below is a reminder of just how expensive it can be if an employer doesn’t meet their duties to a disabled employee in that regard. In Bannister v HMRC, Ms Bannister had been employed […]

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Legal Issues – Pregnancy and redundancy

Laws relating to pregnancy and maternity are complex, with a range of protections afforded to employees during pregnancy and maternity leave. In relation to dismissal, European legislation prohibits the dismissal of employees from the beginning of their pregnancy to the end of their maternity leave, other than in exceptional cases […]

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