30th August 2018

Autumn Series 2018 – Employment Law Updates

For our Autumn Series of events this year we will be looking at the topic of absence management, discussing:

  • What a good absence policy looks like (reporting, evidence, sick pay);
  • Informal (RTWs) and formal absence management (warnings etc.);
  • Tricky areas, i.e. holidays, pregnancy and disability;
  • Managing long-term absence (getting medical opinion, AMRA, and tips on a good OH referral); and
  • Capability dismissals, i.e. consultation and the risks of overreliance on an OH report.

As always we will round off the sessions with our employment legislation and case law update.

Further information can be found on each session using the links below:

Aberdeen – 13th September 2018

Glasgow – 20th September 2018

Edinburgh – 25th September 2018

Stirling – 2nd October 2018

If you would like to reserve a space, please e-mail Clare Lynch, or call her on 03332 400 308.

30th August 2018