Monthly Archives: June 2019

One Year On: GDPR Update Session for Independent Schools

15 August 2019, Glasgow What will it cover? It is now over a year since the introduction of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, which has seen organisations taking diligent steps to better protect sensitive data. However, most will recognise that there is still progress to be made to […]

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Health & Safety – Fire Safety Awareness

22 August 2019 Navigator Employment Law Limited Floor 3 1 – 4 Atholl Crescent Edinburgh EH3 8HA This engaging and thought provoking session has been designed to provide knowledge to those in control of premises, or fire wardens, of the risks associated with fire and the practical measures to take […]

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Tribunal Tale – Khawaja v Transport for London

The facts of the case Mr Khawaja (MK), of Pakistani descent, worked for Transport for London (TfL) from October 2016 as a Principal Tunnel Traffic Coordinator. MK’s team had conference calls twice per day, and also organised ‘huddles’ on a regular basis, that were attended by the supervisor or her […]

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Legal issues – Working time and record-keeping

Background The UK’s myriad rules on working time, rest breaks, rest periods and holidays are found in the UK’s Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR). The WTR were developed from the Working Time Directive (WTD), which operates at a European level. Much of the European case law is decided on the […]

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Legal Issues – Family leave and discrimination

Background We issued an update in 2017 looking at whether enhancing maternity pay but not pay for other forms of family leave was discriminatory. At that time, in Ali v Capita Customer Management Limited, Mr Ali successfully claimed direct discrimination when his employer paid him only the statutory rate of […]

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