Monthly Archives: March 2020

Navigator News – Navigator’s Coronavirus Support Hub

The Coronavirus pandemic has been arguably the most disruptive event for organisations in living memory, which has posed unprecedented challenges to the health of people and businesses. Navigator’s highest priority is to ensure the safety of clients, staff and the wider public, and as such we are now continuing business […]

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Tribunal Tale – Disability Discrimination

Employers are always keen to hear about situations where a Tribunal has struck out a claim by a Claimant who has not acted reasonably if for no other reason than to be reassured that Tribunals are fair and that the idea that the Claimant always gets the benefit of the […]

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Legal Issues – Written Statement of terms and conditions

Employers should all be familiar with the obligation they have to provide a written statement setting out the basic terms of employment to all employees whose employment lasts for one month or more. While there are occasions when this slips through the net for a variety of practical reasons and […]

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Masterclass in Mental Health First Aid

Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th May 2020 Navigator Employment Law Limited Floor 3 1 – 4 Atholl Crescent Edinburgh EH3 8HA What will it cover? It is increasingly recognised that mental health is at least as important – if not more so – than physical health, especially in the workplace. […]

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Health & Safety – The hazards of ‘hot working’

Insurance company Zurich estimate that around 15% of all workplace fires are as a result of ‘hot work’. Hot work refers to work activities that involve open flames, applying heat or friction, or may generate sparks or heat. Common examples of hot works are: Welding, brazing, and soldering; Grinding and […]

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