9th April 2020

Webinar Special Series – Health & Safety

The Changed Workplace – health and safety considerations for homeworkers

Recorded webinar – release date Friday 17th April 2020

What will it cover?

For many employers having employees working from home has never been a consideration and equally many employees will have never worked from home before.

Employers legally have the same health and safety responsibilities for homeworkers as they do for any other employee. However faced with the lack of control over where staff are working from has created conditions where it is difficult to determine and assess that recognised good health and safety practices and standards are being followed and therefore, what are the key considerations to ensuring homeworking is a safe, healthy, positive and productive experience?

What are the outcomes?

 From the recorded webinar:

  • Insight to help you and your staff get the most out of working from home;
  • Understanding your legal requirements and practical solutions of how to achieve them;
  • An understanding of the practicalities around the working environment, work equipment and communication and mental wellbeing issues;
  • Opportunities to ask health and safety questions in advance;

And following the webinar:

  • Up to five individual scheduled virtual home working risk assessments.

Who should attend?

The session is aimed at managers who have a responsibility for health and safety in their organisation but also for anyone who want to get the best out of the homeworking experience.

What will it cost?

For retained clients the session will be free, for non-clients the cost is £49 plus VAT and includes; a recording of the webinar for repeated viewing; copy of the slides; FAQ that have been submitted; details of future events; further information about additional ‘virtual workplace assessments’; and, speaker contact details.

Reserving a place

To receive access to the recorded webinar, send any questions before Thursday 16th April 2020 and receive more information about the 5 virtual home risk assessments, please contact Clare Lynch on 0333 2400 308 or at

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9th April 2020