1st May 2020

Webinar – Special Series – Health & Safety

The next chapter in the new normality – returning to the workplace post lockdown

Recorded webinar – release date 7th May 2020

What will it cover?

It is expected that soon we will see an easing of the restrictions of movement observed so far during this public health crisis, and a return to the workplace will begin. The workplace, and how we use it, will be significantly different to that which we left behind in March as we embark on this next chapter of the ‘new normality’. The return to work and balancing business continuity with worker safety will be as much (if not more) of a challenge to businesses than the transition was to having their workforce dispersed or ‘placed on hold’, and the changes will be much longer lasting.

The webinar will, from a risk assessment perspective, discuss the health and safety aspects which should be considered in advance of the return to work. The webinar will focus on, primarily, office or corporate type environments.

What are the outcomes?

 From the recorded webinar:

  • An understanding of the practicalities which will need to be considered in advance of staff returning to the workplace.
  • Opportunities to ask health and safety questions in advance.

And following the webinar:

  • Access to a return to work checklist which covers the key elements to be considered in each of three areas: the workplace environment, who will be using the workplace and hygiene controls, as well as practical advice on how these elements can be addressed.

Who should attend?

The session is aimed at those in an organisation who will be involved in making decisions and arrangements to enable the safe return of staff to the workplace, including: HR, facilities management and health and safety specialists.

What will it cost?

For retained clients the session will be free, for non-clients the cost is £49 plus VAT and includes; a recording of the webinar for repeated viewing; copy of the presentation; FAQ that have been submitted, a copy of the return to work checklist and, speaker contact details.

Reserving a place

To be permitted unlimited access to the recorded webinar, please contact Clare Lynch on 0333 2400 308 or at and if you wish us to consider answering any questions as part of that recording, please submit these to Clare by midday on the 6th of May.

1st May 2020