7th May 2020

Navigator News

As part of our ongoing attempts to keep our clients and contacts up to date with developments on furlough leave and the CJRS, we had been anticipating the release today of our latest update on the scheduled changes which the Government had been due to announce (7 May).

Many of you will be aware that the Government has now revised its own timetable and the Prime Minister will address the nation on Sunday and reveal how the current regime will be adjusted over the coming weeks.  At a time when the death toll in the UK has exceeded 30,000, it is a timely reminder of just how serious the situation is and how important it is for everyone to do their bit.

Rather than waste your time by telling you what we think might happen based on recent developments and updated statistics and for us then to discover on Sunday that we were wrong about that and that a different plan is being followed, we have decided to wait until after Sunday’s announcement before providing any update.

Please be assured that we will be in touch as soon as possible after the details are released and will set out our thoughts on how matters will be going forward.  By doing that, we hope we can be as effective and helpful as possible in uniquely challenging times.

Incidentally, we had also intended releasing a recorded webinar Returning to the Workplace Post-Lockdown and for similar reasons, we have decided to delay that release until early next week.

7th May 2020