30th July 2020

Navigator News – Client Survey

In the dim and distant past, some of you will remember that we conducted a client survey and this took place during March. The survey was very successful on three particular levels. Firstly, we were overwhelmed with such positive commentary around the professional support services that we deliver; quite humbling in fact. Secondly, we have been offered some direction as to how some of our future service provision might look. Lastly, we have also been given some invaluable guidance as to how we might refine and improve what we do.

We are delighted with the raw data that we have and we will look to share those results over the coming months. However, and as you might imagine, we have been a little busy dealing with other issues since March. Extrapolating the results and forming them into presentable data has been a little overlooked recently in favour of delivering on the urgent needs of our clients. I will make sure that we revert to you with those presentable results and I am extremely grateful to all of those who took part and shared their invaluable experiences of Navigator.

The part of the story that doesn’t have to be delayed any further is the announcement of the winner of the I-Pad Mini and the lucky recipient will be Laura Wilson of Loch Lomond Group.

Congratulations to Laura and thank you again to all who took the time to share with us your thoughts.

We will be back in touch soon with further details of our Client Survey.


30th July 2020