30th October 2020

Health & Safety Update – Webinar

Risk Assessments – How do you do yours?

Tuesday 8th December

Risk assessment for most organisations is something which has to be done, perhaps these have not been undertaken with quite the same ‘enthusiasm’ as those prepared, during the course of this year, in support of reopening workplaces as restrictions allowed.

This increased interest in risk assessment should serve as an opportunity for employers revaluate the ‘business as usual’ assessments with a renewed sense of objectivity and to ask are they truly ‘suitable and sufficient’?

In this session we will be looking at the process for the development and delivery of risk assessments:

  • Are they properly understood, communicated and effective?
  • Asking is it enough?
  • Does more have to be done?
  • Have all relevant risks been appropriately assessed, or could there be gaps?

While the session will be looking at risk assessment in general we will discuss assessments in the context of, what is for many a vastly changed working environment – working from home and issues associated with this.

Reserving access

Demand for this event is likely high. For this reason, we would suggest that you book early to avoid disappointment.

To book your place please e-mail Clare Lynch at or call her on 03332 400 308.

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30th October 2020