Employment Law and HR Audit

At the beginning of our relationship we will audit your suite of policies and procedures. This will involve a thorough review of any employment documentation in your business.

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Employment Law Advice

At the core of our support for your business is our ongoing advisory service. Some of the characteristics of the service are detailed below.

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Employment Tribunal Representation

The agreement on level of fees and their fixed cost nature are attractive to most businesses.

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What Is Navigator

Navigator is a flexible employment and HR advice service, and much more.

A Service Designed By The Client For The Client

It is you, the client, that decides what type of service you need and we design our offering with you so that it meets your specific requirements, right down to how you want to pay for our advice. We have responded to a rapidly changing market place and, in particular, an increasing unwillingness amongst clients to settle for whichever “off the shelf” service a traditional law firm, on the one hand, or a call centre orientated provider, on the other hand, wants to promote. One size does not fit all, and we understand that.

How Is Navigator Different?

We have adopted the best features of a traditional law firm, so our legal advisers are all fully qualified, unlike other fixed price providers in this market which increasingly rely upon non-qualified staff.

We think you deserve better than that.


But we have also taken on board the best features of those fixed price providers, so we offer certainty of pricing, which the traditional law firm finds so hard to do with its expensive cost base and insistence upon the hourly charge out rate.

And through our parent company, VIALEX, we are able to offer our clients corporate and commercial legal advice, where necessary, in a seamless manner.

It’s what you tell us you want it to be.

Some of our clients choose to engage with us on a short term, or intermittent, basis and in some cases for as little as 15 minutes. This type of client will want to be invoiced on a “Pay As You Go” basis at a pre-agreed rate.

Other clients which want to fix their legal fees choose to subscribe to our on-going advisory service which offers unlimited advice for a fixed monthly subscription. And then we have clients which need advice on a project by project basis and we will always agree a fixed fee in advance for that work.

Those are just some of the variants, and anything is possible. It really is up to you.

Why Not Try Us Out

For a no obligation conversation about how we might help you please call 0333 2400 308 or e-mail Gareth McKnight at We actively encourage you to try before you buy, because how else will you be able to tell for yourself the difference between us and the rest? We hope to hear from you soon.

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