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As we approach the last few hours of what has been a tortuous year for us all, the team at Navigator would like to wish you all the best of luck for 2021. We hope that you and yours remain healthy and well and that you are able to manage the inevitable and varied personal and business challenges that we will all face next year. Thankfully, in the last few days, we have received positive news on a number of fronts and this will hopefully allow us all to enter the New Year with a renewed sense of optimism.

The need of our style of support services has significantly increased during the last year and we have had to take action to introduce wider and deeper resource within our business to deal with the ongoing requirements of our client group. Having recently recruited for new positions, we are again in the process of hiring new members of staff and we will share more about the expanded team in the coming weeks. For now, please know that when you need us to advise and support in our areas of expertise, that resource will be immediately accessible to you.

We can’t remember a time in our lifetimes when the banishing of an old year was more enthusiastically celebrated nor when a New Year was more welcomed. We hope that the transition from one year to another will deliver so much more for you, your families and your organisations.

And so finally, we feel that it is wholly appropriate to reiterate, from all of us at Navigator, all our very best of wishes for the year ahead…

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