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Gareth McKnight

Managing Director

“The opportunity to work with VIALEX was compelling. Keith Anderson and Keith Dinsmore have enviable track records in the corporate legal field and are committed to supporting me in creating an employment law consultancy which will be the benchmark for this style of legal services provision”.

Keith Dinsmore


“Navigator is a natural and logical next step for VIALEX, adding breadth and depth to our existing VIALEX Legal Counsel Service. I am delighted that we have someone of Gareth’s quality and experience leading the team at Navigator, all of whom share the ambition to deliver a highly responsive and commercially-focused employment law service, with each client’s interests at its core”.

Keith Anderson


“At VIALEX we make our clients’ lives easier. We listen to our clients, and we ask them to tell us what really matters to them. Then we design, with each client, a legal advice service that best meets that client’s specific business needs. And then, we make sure our service surpasses that. Gareth McKnight makes the same demands of himself and his team, and we are delighted to have him on board. Navigator is an excellent addition to the VIALEX stable”.

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“Lucas first became involved with Navigator in the summer of 2011. We have been delighted with the style and delivery of advice we have received from Navigator since then and in the summer of 2012 we decided to extend our relationship with them. For us, having lawyers who understand the sector as well as our business is as important as their knowledge of employment law and with Navigator, this is what we get. They have been true to their word and have consistently re-engaged with us to ensure that the relationship we have with them is working in the interests of Lucas.”

Yolanda Luca Director

S. Luca of Musselburgh Limited