Employment Law Advice

At the core of our support for your business is our ongoing advisory service. Some of the characteristics of the service are detailed below.


You will have unlimited access to our round the clock advisory service. We will ask you to name those individuals who, from time to time, will receive uniquely numbered advice cards to use the service. We actively encourage you and your team to make the very best use of the service and why would you not? It’s unlimited. Access can be by phone or e-mail and you will be given the direct dial and e-mail contact details of our team allowing the closest of relationships to be formed from the very start of our partnership.

Style of Delivery

Our advice will be tailored to the experience of the member of your staff with whom we are dealing. A junior member of the HR team may require a hand holding style of advice delivery but, on the other hand, a more senior practitioner may well use the service as a sound board or sense check function. It is our job to fit our delivery to the requirements of your business at any given time. We understand that it is vital that we deliver our advice in a commercial fashion, because we appreciate that staying on the right side of employment law is not always your only goal. So our advice will always be practical.

Bounds of the Service

With the clock not ticking and nothing more to pay, you are free to take the most out of the service and to enjoy the real peace of mind that our approach assures.

Contact with our team

We will make best use of technology to support you whatever your needs may be. So, while utilising the usual communications tools, we will also use tele- and video-conferencing as well as Skype to keep as close to you as you require. However, there will be occasions where a face to face meeting will just work that much better, and in that case we will be there for you.