Employment Law Updating

We understand how difficult it is for you to keep up to date with recent developments so leave it to us and we will make life easier for you. We have a range of tools which you can draw upon.

Monthly Electronic Newsletter

On a monthly basis, we will provide a written update on employment law and HR matters. This will contain information on what has just changed, what is imminent, and what to prepare for in the medium term. It will also warn of relevant employment tribunal decisions which may shape the future decisions of your business. The newsletter will also highlight forthcoming Navigator training or workshop events which might be of interest to you.

Update Seminars

Every six months, we will host Employment Law Updates around the country to which you will be invited to send delegates. While this will provide a demonstrable CPD element for some, it will also be a useful forum for HR professionals as well as managers and directors of businesses, all facing similar issues.

Annual Meetings

Around each anniversary of our partnership with you, we will arrange a further meeting at your premises to take stock. The meeting will be used to gauge any potential business changes on the horizon for your organisation which might have an employment law or HR implication. It is also an opportunity for our team to offer an abbreviated legal and HR update on developments ahead: either law change or evolving HR best practice.

Ongoing Audit

We expect that you will need to review, amend, update, discard, create and add to your suite of policies and procedures as time moves on or statutory requirements change. We will help and support you in any changes to employment policy or procedure as and when it suits you or is required. Please draw upon the knowledge and expertise of our team at any time. Whether this is simply the passing of an already polished procedure under the eyes of our team for final comment or instructing us to create a new policy from scratch, we are here to help.

And our advice will always be practical.