Workplace Investigations Service

We are delighted to announce our new workplace investigations service.

Workplace investigations are a vital part of employee relations processes. When faced with such issues, a robust and comprehensive investigation will not only give you the answers that you need, but will also protect you in the employment tribunal. Investigations are easy to get wrong, but Navigator has solutions that can help. In addition to the typical grievance and misconduct issues, we can also investigate:

  • Complaints, including from third parties
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Potential theft, falsification of documents and dishonesty
  • Social media issues
  • Dysfunctional teams 

How we can help

Investigations can be as time-consuming as they are tricky and daunting, and perhaps your management team doesn’t have capacity to take one on. It may be that the subject matter is complex or you don’t have the skills in-house to effectively deal with it. Or, perhaps you’d just like to pass a sensitive investigation to a fully independent external person to ensure a fair and robust process.

Navigator can take on the burden of an investigation by conducting one for you on-site. Our team of specialists have experience of investigating all manner of issues, from small grievances to complicated disciplinary issues, and will ensure that the matter is handled quickly, comprehensively and with the utmost discretion and integrity.

Our approach

Part of the service may include interviewing the employee or witnesses and gathering documentary evidence. As well as getting to the bottom of the issue, our detailed high-quality investigation report will also make recommendations on how to proceed, and highlight any continuous improvements that will benefit your organisation.

Our Investigators

Seanpaul has extensive experience in employee relations and conflict issues, gained from both his time as an in-house HR practitioner as well as his work at Navigator. He has conducted investigations for a variety of organisations and is highly skilled at framing the right questions, challenging employees where necessary and ensuring that he gains all of the information needed to get the answers needed.

Stephanie brings over 30 years of HR experience of investigating over 40 cases of disciplinary, grievances, whistleblowing and complaints. These have been for clients and also insurance companies. Together with this experience, she is able to apply her Masters in Law & Employment Relations knowledge to ensure investigations are fair, robust and those involved, are treated with integrity

Feedback from one of our clients

“We recently engaged Navigator to carry out an investigation into a complex and sensitive issue that we felt was best managed by an independent third party. The investigation was conducted quickly but thoroughly and with the utmost discretion. Detailed notes of meetings were produced, as well as a comprehensive investigation report outlining the main findings and key recommendations. The report also went further in that it gave us food for thought on wider organisational issues, and having that holistic analysis from a fresh pair of eyes was immensely helpful.”