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While the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will soon have an effect on all of our lives, we recognise that GDPR compliance is a journey and cannot happen overnight. Our GDPR services are designed to guide your organisation through the journey in a worry-free and painless way that assures complete compliance at the end of the road.

Navigator offers services for organisation at all different stages of compliance—for those who have not yet started the journey, for those in the middle and for those seeking a professional review of their compliance plan. All services are conducted by a certified EU GDPR Practitioner supported by a legal team of employment, corporate, commercial, and IP lawyers.

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    Compliance Audit and Action Plan

    We can carry out an audit of your data protection practices in an effort to determine where your organisation currently stands in the compliance journey.

    Once practices are audited, we would compose a prioritised trackable action plan that details tasks and advice for each step of the way. There would be scope for you to add deadlines and allocate responsibilities to appropriate personnel.

    Awareness and toolkit

    We offer on-site development for all levels of personnel based on their exposure to data processing activities within the organisation. The levels include:

    GDPR Compliance Training – for key personnel involved in data processing compliance to ensure they understand the law and the impact GDPR will have on your organisation.

    Staff Awareness Training – for all employees to promote a general awareness of GDPR, their responsibilities and what to do if there is a data breach.

    Board Awareness Training – to ensure that those accountable for GDPR have a high level overview of the legal requirements and associated risks.

    In addition to imparting knowledge about GDPR, delegates leave each session with a bank of practical tools that can be applied to your workplace.

    Information Audit

    A detailed audit to account for all of the personal data processed by your organisation and determining the lawful reasons for continuing to process.

    Documentation Review

    Review contracts, policy and procedures to ensure that they are compliant with the GDPR principals and rights of individuals, then provide template documents for those not existing.

    We are also able to produce privacy notices, review terms and conditions and agreements with third parties.

    Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

    Once the GDPR infrastructure is established we provide a retained outsourced DPO service that includes: being the main contact for the Supervising Authority, carrying out annual audits, access to our data protection helpline and carrying out when required, Data Protection Impact Assessments.

    Additional GDPR Services

    We can also review mechanisms in place to cope with Subject Access Requests and Data Breaches.

    A number of clients have also asked us to draft responses to letters and tender requests requiring information about the status of their GDPR roadmap.

    Should IT audits be required, we will then reach out to our IT GDPR partners to develop and deliver this aspect.

    In addition to these services, Navigator also offers consultancy services for any specific GDPR queries not found in the services above.

    If you would like any more information on the above or any other GDPR services please contact Stephanie Harper, Certified EU GDPR Practitioner at

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