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At the core of our support for your organisation is the employment law advisory service which we offer. You can use this on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, however most of our clients prefer to opt for our annual renewal contract. This provides you with unlimited access to remote advice from our experienced team of employment lawyers. Our phone and email lines are always manned throughout business hours, meaning our expert advice is available immediately. If more appropriate, we are also happy to meet with you in person to discuss any issues.

We actively encourage use of the advisory service whenever required, providing you with personal contact details of our lawyers to encourage a close relationship from the very start of our journey together. As such, our advice will be tailored to your specific organisation, and the specific member of staff with whom we are dealing. For example, a junior HR team member may require more of a ‘hand-holding’ style of delivery; whereas a senior practitioner may use the service as a sounding board or sense check function. Furthermore, we understand that staying on the right side of employment law is often not your only goal, so we always deliver our advice in a commercial and practical manner.

Finally, unlike other legal practices, we only employ fully qualified lawyers. This way, the advice you receive will always be reliable and consistent.

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