At the beginning of our relationship, we can audit your suite of policies and procedures, involving a thorough review of any employment documentation within your organisation.

The initial stage of the audit involves an on-site meeting followed by a more in-depth, off-site audit by one of our specialist employment law team. This process will culminate in our written report and suggested action list. Afterwards, we will arrange a further meeting to discuss findings, identify solutions and establish a plan to implement any agreed actions. Any advice provided will always be practical.

We will update, amend, and even draft bespoke policies and procedures from scratch to ensure these reflect current developments in employment law and HR best practice. Our team will also ensure policies are ‘fit for purpose’ in correspondence with the business needs of your organisation.

And the audit continues throughout the course of our relationship. We appreciate that you will have to review, amend, update, discard, create and add to your suite of policies and procedures as time moves on or statutory requirements change. Whether it is instructing us to create a new policy from scratch, or simply passing an already polished procedure under the eyes of our team, please draw upon our knowledge at any time and our team will support you.

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