Testimonial – Longridge Towers School

In early 2019, Longridge Towers School (LTS), a small independent school near Berwick upon Tweed, approached Navigator to enquire about employment law advice regarding their proposed withdrawal from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS). In particular, LTS were looking for guidance regarding their obligations regarding employment law, and the potential impact on employee relations and contractual arrangements.

Navigator was well placed to provide such advisory services, having conducted a number of focus groups within independent schools on matters such as ‘changing terms and conditions of employment’. Navigator is an experienced legal practice which has advised many organisations on the specifics of changing pension terms and on making strategic and financial decisions within a legal framework.

The team at LTS were encouraged by Navigator’s breadth of experience and depth of relationship with both the ISBA and SCIS. LTS engaged Navigator to help support the consultation process for their proposed withdrawal from TPS. Navigator provided robust and impartial advice to LTS and to support their 50 teaching staff who were directly impacted by the proposed changes.

The School was clear that the proposed withdrawal from TPS was essential for the on-going sustainability and viability of the school, yet acknowledged that this was a particularly challenging process due to the extent of change and impact upon its respected staff team. LTS felt the advice and support received from Navigator was professional and that their team in Edinburgh were empathetic and highly responsive; they were also pleased that the overall process was completed within a year. LTS would commend the legal advisory service of Navigator to any other independent school.

Jonathan Lee

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