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We are hosting a number of events over the coming months. Follow the links below for more information or get in touch to book your space.

How To – Carry Out Investigations
Wednesday 23rd October
9.15am – 10.30pm
£120 + VAT

Workplace investigations are a vital part of employee relations processes. When faced with such issues, a robust and comprehensive investigation will not only give you the answers that you need, but will also protect you in the employment tribunal. This focus will be on improving knowledge and developing the in-house skills required for investigations covering:

  • The legal framework and core principles of investigations including the role of the investigating officer
  • How to conduct investigation meetings, what to ask and what not to say
  • How to write an investigation report and make recommendations
  • Tricky areas and how to overcome them with a case study and plenty of scope for discussion

Further information can be found here.

3C’s Workshop – GDPR: One Year On
Friday 1st November
10.30am – 1.45pm
£120 + VAT

It is over a year since the introduction of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. Organisations have taken diligent steps to better protect sensitive data, however most will recognise that there is still progress to be made to ensure full compliance. Having allowed a period of settling in time, the ICO has now tightened up on enforcement of GDPR. This half day workshop will establish where you are on your roadmap, as well as discussing the impact of the legislation; the lessons learnt on some key topics; and what the future may hold. The session covers:

  • A question and answer surgery (we will ask for questions prior to the event)
  • The impact of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018
  • An update on data breaches and subject access requests and how to handle them
  • Enforcement cases such as Morrisons and British Airways and lessons that can be learnt
  • Very recent updates on cookies consent

Further information can be found here.

The Scottish Health & Wellbeing at Work Conference 
Thursday 21st November
9.00am – 4.30pm
Various delegate rates available

This conference covers the topic of ensuring that your organisation is proactive with health and wellbeing initiatives. There will be a number of speakers throughout the course of the day, whose presentations include: financial wellbeing; preventative awareness techniques to keep people in work; biophilia (how plants and nature can increase positive wellbeing); and more.

Further information can be found here.

Masterclass in Scottish Mental Health First Aid
Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd December
£200 + VAT

It is increasingly recognised that mental health is at least as important – if not more so – than physical health, especially in the workplace. Very few people have the skills and knowledge to respond effectively to a mental health crisis, so having a qualified in-house mental health first aider is a valuable asset to any organisation. This two-day, NHS-accredited course covers:

  • The 5 steps of Scottish Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA) and how to apply them
  • How to recognise when someone might need help, and the best course of action to take
  • The relationship between mental health and both discrimination and alcohol & drugs
  • Practical advice and experience to assist you in future mental health crises should these arise

Upon completion of the course, all attendees will receive a certificate qualifying them as a NHS-certified Scottish Mental Health First Aider.

Further information can be found here.

We are also happy to offer a range of practical and interactive public and bespoke training and development support options for existing and prospective clients. See our training brochure for full details of all the bespoke training we offer.

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